First, congratulations on your engagement!

You get one wedding, one special moment.

We are here to make sure that your wedding goes smoothly from the first time we meet all the way through your last dance and send off.

Our package is all-inclusive. It includes our storyboarding planning process, an energetic DJ/emcee, professional sound system, dance floor lighting, wireless microphone system and custom monogram lighting.

Our add-on services include ceremony audio and up lighting for your event space.




Our Booking Process

  1. Contact us via phone or our contact form to check our availability and for pricing.

  2. Before booking any wedding, we require our DJ and the B&G to meet before contract signing to see how well we mesh together, learn about each other and discuss the vision of your wedding.

    This meeting almost becomes like a pre-planning and brainstorming meeting. If both parties feel good at or after the meeting, then we execute the contract and solidify the date. It’s very important to us that both parties are comfortable with each other. This meeting can happen in person, via Skype, or another form of video chat.

  3. Once contract is initiated, we will set up your wedding in our event planning software which you will have access to as we go through the planning stages together!